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Image by Igor Omilaev
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Image by NASA

Unveiling the Invisible with Deep Ray: Revolutionizing Astrophysics and Space Science with AI

Welcome to Deep Ray, where the mysteries of cosmic particles become clear through the lens of advanced AI.
Partnering with CeADAR and DIHBU, we're on the cusp of an astrophysical breakthrough—mapping the unseen muons that permeate space and unravel the universe's secrets in real time.
Why Deep Ray Matters:
  • Innovative Detection: Utilizing cutting-edge Machine Learning and AI, Deep Ray detects muons with unprecedented accuracy, offering a new perspective on the cosmos.
  • Real-Time Mapping: Our solution processes vast public image databases to construct live muon maps, propelling astrophysics into a new era of discovery.
  • Strategic Impact: By enhancing the Digital Innovation Hub's portfolio, Deep Ray not only boosts our reputation as pioneers in AI but also expands our scientific community's horizons.
Our Pledge:
We commit to Trustworthy AI, upholding the highest standards of data privacy, security, and transparency with federated learning—a testament to our dedication to ethical innovation.
Core Benefits:
  • For Science: By delivering cutting-edge services, we're meeting the intricate demands of muon research, driving forward the entire field of space science.
  • For Society: Deep Ray's insights have the potential to transform our understanding of the universe, influencing technology, network capabilities, and even climate research.
Join us at Deep Ray, where AI isn't just about technology—it's about unlocking the universe.
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